No more excuses: Alexa-enabled Nucleus makes it easy to call your Grandma – Video

Written by Aarian Marshall

No more excuses: Alexa-enabled Nucleus makes it easy to call your Grandma – Video
Hi there.
This is the Nucleus Anywhere Intercom.
For $250 you can use it to make video calls.
But despite it’s inherent redundancy with say your cellphone I actually kind of like it.
It’s a pretty simple device but it has Amazon’s assistant Alexa built in and it plays it’s role as an intercom well.
You can call other units in the House and get a video feed without waiting for someone to pick up.
Perfect for a quick announcement.
If you dont’ want that you can turn on privacy mode.
You can also call devices outside of the home or even make a call to a cell phone via the app.
But throw the other functionality out for a second.
If you don’t have a need for an intercom specifically, you don’t need this device.
Make a Skype call.
Use Face Time.
If you have a large family you wanna check on, especially if you have elderly parents who are uncomfortable with tech This device will make it simple to keep in touch.
And that auto-pickup feature could really come in handy in that case.
Even as an intercom, it’s not perfect.
you can’t page everybody at once for an announcement.
The video and sound quality is serviceable.
You can hear me, but not great.
It’s not super clear and there’s occasionally lag.
You also can’t adjust the angle of the stand though you can mount it on the wall.
Despite those faults I recommend the nucleus as a handy smart device if you have elderly parents or a big family.

Anyone can use this smart video intercom.


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